Over Seven Bridges You Have To Pass…


My dear Yogis and Yoginis,

There is an east german “Rock Song” from 1978 that came back to me these days and hit home. I would like to share the lyrics with you, but the translation doesn’t do the original really justice.

“Sometimes I walk my street without a gaze
Sometimes I wish I had my rocking horse back
Sometimes I’m without rest and peace
Sometimes I lock all the doors behind me

Sometimes I’m cold and sometimes I’m hot
Sometimes I don’t know what I know anymore
Sometimes I’m already tired in the morning
And then I seek comfort in a song

Over seven bridges you have to pass
Seven dark years to survive
Seven times you will be the ashes
But once also the bright light

Sometimes the clock of life seems to stand still
Sometimes you just seem to go in circles
Sometimes you get the painful urge of wanderlust
Sometimes you just sit still on a bench

Sometimes you reach for the whole world
Sometimes you think your lucky star is falling
Sometimes you take where you prefer to give
Sometimes you hate what you love

Over seven bridges you have to pass
Seven dark years to survive
Seven times you will be the ashes
But once also the bright light”
~ Karat (Peter Maffay)

Sometimes when you can’t find the words to express yourself, songs can do a better job for you.

This week we will explore different ways to get into our familiar asanas to open new doors and get new insight of the asanas, our body and ourselves.

Monday 27.02.
Off the beaten path
Slow Flow

Wednesday 01.03.
Off the beaten path

Thursday 03.03.
Open Theme
Yogis Choice

Friday 05.03.
Off the beaten path

Let’s explore and flow with an open mind to discover
new opportunities!




The Heart & Elevated Feelings

My dear Yogis and Yoginis,

My fascination with the heart you all could already experience and hear about in my classes over the last years.
Trying to look at it through different eyes and approaches from BMC (Body-Mind Centering®), Gregg Braden to Dr. Joe Dispenza to
improve ones health and life. You may have heard of the
HeartMath® Institute that has done its research for the last 25 years.
I would like to share some of the insights with you and hope you find them helpful as well.

“Dare to connect with your heart. You will be lifting not only
yourself and those you love and care about, but also the world in which you live.”
~ Doc Childre, HeartMath Founder

For thousands of years, ancient cultures around the world (Mesopotamians, Egyptians, Babylonians, Chinese, Greeks and many others) regarded the heart as the source of intelligence and inner
guidance – today this is also confirmed by modern science.
New scientific findings support the thesis that the heart is a source of intelligence.
Today we know that the heart is an information processing center in the body that sends important signals to the brain and the rest of the body. It has a complex nervous system called the heart brain
and that communicates with the head brain. It creates a strong
electromagnetic field shaped by your own emotions.
The intelligence of the heart encompasses some of the highest core values that we have as human beings. Many of the highest quality
feelings we experience are connected to the heart. These include
feelings such as appreciation, caring, love, kindness, patience, and compassion. In addition, the heart is in contact with a deeper source of wisdom, with an intuitive knowing that is different from the normal logical and linear thought pattern.

“When we harness the heart’s true power and intelligence, it
transforms the way we think and feel, the way we see the world –
and our relationships, too.”
~ Howard Martin, HeartMath author and CEO

In recent years, neuroscientists have discovered something exciting. They discovered that the heart has its own independent nervous
system. The heart sends signals to the brain, the amygdala, the
emotional processing center, and the thalamus, which synchronizes our cortical functions, thereby stimulating the higher brain functions. Brain function is directly dependent on this information. The heart is an electrical organ that is by far the most potent source of rhythmic bioelectricity. This energy flows into every cell in the body. The heart produces enough electrical energy to create an electromagnetic field that encircles one’s body 360°, extending from the surface of the skin about a meter into space.

“Just as electricity has changed the outer world, one can learn to
harness the power and intelligence of the heart to transform our inner world.”
~ Howard Martin, HeartMath author and CEO

Coherence refers to the cooperative alignment between heart, mind and emotions. It is associated with better emotional balance, stability, better access to intuition and improved mental functions such as the ability to concentrate, mental clarity, holistic thinking, memory,
improved reaction times, coordination and much more.
Coherence can be measured using technology that senses the changes between heartbeats within the heartbeat pattern. This is defined as heart rate variability analysis. This is a measure of the natural changes in heart rhythm.
Stressful emotions create a chaotic pattern of heart rate variability: lower coherence. Persistent regenerative emotions create an even and orderly pattern that indicates higher coherence.
A coherent heart rhythm sends signals to the brain that activate our higher brain functions. We’re getting smarter. Practicing heart
coherence, even for just a few minutes, raises our vibration and allows the heart’s intuition to connect with our own behaviors, judgment and possibilities.

“We can not only measure the radiation of the magnetic field of our heart, but also that our nervous system is connected to it and
exchanges information. This means that there is a real energetic
communication that is always taking place between people.”
~ Rollin McCraty, Research Director, HearMath Institute

Monday 20.02.
Freeing stuck emotions
Happy Hip Flow

Wednesday 22.02.
Aligning from inside out
Slow Flow

Thursday 23.02.
Open Theme
Yogis Choice

Friday 24.02.
Moving from the pelvis

Let’s keep on sending kindness and love to humanity and this world!




The Biggest Force Of The Universe III


My dear Yogis and Yoginis,

Your heart and the law of love
The people we fully engage with become the Bodhi tree of our
awakening. Our actions may be like tiny pebbles drowning in a vast sea. Each one of you unleashes a small wave of effects that affect the entire ocean of life. A person whom we listen to today, whom we
value, blossoms. We all have no idea how important we really are to the whole thing. most of us have not even remotely realized our
interpersonal potential. There is so much more to all of us – so much depth, so much compassion. And so much love.

Why you hear better with your heart
If you want to meet someone from the heart, tune into them – look at them, listen. Ask him how he/she is doing. And then listen to him/her with your heart, that’s the key. Your heart is constantly tuning in to other people’s feelings, perceiving them. When we open our hearts to another person, we gain their trust. We’re all afraid of showing our feelings because we think we’ll look weak or face rejection. But when we allow ourselves to just be with someone, quietly and with an open heart, trust comes naturally. Think of a person who gives you the space to be yourself. Such people are infinitely precious. Find someone who can listen to you and who accepts what you are feeling.
When two hearts connect, it always means that they accept each other. Lovers often don’t need words because they feel like one person.
And even if you’re not in love, just feel what the other is feeling.
And do this without evaluating, without judgment.
This is how you create harmony.
~ Christiane Schönemann (Happinez 1/23)

Monday 13.02.
Open Heart

Wednesday 15.02.
Follow your Heart

Thursday 16.02.
Open Theme
Yogis Choice

Friday 17.02.
Light Heart
Organ Flow

Thank you for your open and listening hearts!




The Biggest Force Of The Universe II

My dear Yogi and Yoginis,

You might have heard or read what I am sharing with you before, but it is always good to be reminded.

It is said that the gods considered where to hide the greatest power in the universe so that man would not be able to find it before he was mature enough to use it responsibly. Many proposals followed, all of which were rejected. Finally the wisest of gods spoke:
“I know what to do. Let’s hide the biggest force of the universe in man himself. He will never look for it there until he is mature enough to go the way within.”
To this all agreed, and there, deep hidden, it waits for us to discover it and make wise use of it.

If we choose the path of the heart, everything changes. We go beyond the purely physical side of our being and become aware of what we
really are: users of the brain, not the brain; travelers in a body, not the body; a thinker of thoughts who is so much more than any thought. The essence of our true being exists beyond time and space. And our personal reality defines us in our now. It is made up of things we
believe in, the emotions we feel, our unique memories, experiences and relationships. If you choose the path of the heart, we awaken and recognize: We are in this world, but not of it.
~ Christiane Schönemann (Happinez 1/23)

I believe true transformation is only happening if we have the courage to go within. Embracing all the facets of ourselves and love ourselves unconditionally.

Monday 06.02.
Love Yourself
Slow Flow

Wednesday 08.02.
Courage to Embrace all of You

Thursday 09.02.
Open Theme
Yogis Choice

Friday 10.02.
Transform into a Butterfly

Keep on discovering your hidden treasure!



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